Music/Lyrics: E. Thrasher

Fretless bass: Kai Eckhardt
Vocals & other instruments: E. Thrasher



Words from my pen are elusive, like a friend I once knew.
But the smoke rising around me is all the company I need, anyway.
I’m thankful this time for the absence of another soul to find:
the image that I see, gazing blankly back at me in the windowpane.

And if I this time found the key to express,
the story that I've kept to myself.
I would rattle loose the doors that contain this emptiness:
the essence of me down off the shelf.

Time alone will tell if in the end alone as well we will be.
But the release I would find in setting free what’s inside, is all I need.
The answers will come when the work I have started is done.
And to the first door that opens, when the words have been spoken,
is where I’ll run.

And if I one time found the voice I’ve repressed,
keeping hidden what I’ve kept to myself.
I would open up the doors and reveal the loneliness:
the essence of me down off the shelf.