1. Of Life

Music: J. Gekov/E. Thrasher
Lyrics: E. Thrasher

Vocals, synths, keys: E. Thrasher

12 string/electric/acoustic guitars, bass, drums, tambourines, backing vocals, keys: J. Gekov



My song, so elusive now when I try,
try to share you.
Those words refuse to fly to me.
My dear it may be useless now but I've tried, tried to spare you,
This love isn't what it used to be.
Be, someone for me:
holding fast when I run from you and
all I really need- I don't know what to believe.
My friend I think I've dropped my game but I've tried, tried to help you.
Those words, they refuse to speak through me.
My child though I have yet to know you should I cry, cry for your future.
This world isn't what it used to be.
Be, someone of life: standing tall, when others like me fall down.
Somehow, I seem to have lost my way.
Somewhere, somebody must know how it feels, inside.
Anywhere, anywhere but right here right now.