1. Command

Music/Lyrics: E. Thrasher

Vocals, flute, steel string guitar, synth parts: E. Thrasher
Electric guitar: J. Gekov
Bass: D. Landon
Drums: A. Griffin
Piano: G. Rahn
Trumpet: N. Henderson



Oh you of power by money and fame
or the doors that've opened to your family name
do you know: you're human too?

You must be safe behind the gates you have built
so far removed from reality that you feel no guilt
for god alone knows how many lives
your fine system consumes.

Who are you to deny what belongs to us all?
For one man to prosper a thousand must crawl.
What a shame, that a few greedy men like you
have control of the game.

But what gives you the right
to change the rules,
spin those lies
and play us all like fools?

What a shame.
We'd better find a way to relieve you
of your command.

I caught the sickness
coming through on my tv.
Bought the lies that you buy
to say you're free
and I know, we're all the same.

We see the violence around us every day
and we turn our heads
and we swallow our rage.
Well now I know for certain
we are all to blame.

Who are they to decide on the fate of us all,
divide us with those fictions,
and watch as we fall?
What a shame, our lives are the pieces in a rich man's game.

But we have the power
to correct the rules,
defeat those lies,
not be played like fools.

'Cause we know,
we've got to find a way
to relieve them of their command.