Music/lyrics: E. Thrasher

Vocals, nylon/steel string guitar, synth strings: E. Thrasher
Steel string/electric guitars, drums: J. Gekov
Upright bass: B. Lee
Hammond organ: StudioPros



Don’t let the newsman get you down.
'Cause he’s got sponsor concerns, a bonus to earn,
but no time for better ways bein' found.

And don’t make plans from the forecast
of your weatherman,
he’ll never change.
Glaciers are dying,
the oceans are rising,
and his outlook is all sunny days.

Well I tend to disagree.
The stories we’ve been told
were never meant to set us free.
It’s time I change the channel on my tv,

A lotta folks may not know
what this country can be.
Democracy means power,
derived from The People,
like you and me.

But when you work so hard to survive
in a Randian system,
you start thinking “don’t count on me,
to care for my neighbor’s condition.”

If we wanna be more than just the grunts
in a culture war, we'd better see
that it’s time we come together,
and recognize our common needs.
Well that's a message
we're not gonna hear on our tvs.

If you’re gonna be the change that you wanna see,
Then start thinking: “Today I will do for my brother,
what I would want him to do for me”
And for your country's sake turn that channel on your tv.