1. Will you wait?

Words and music: E. Thrasher



If you sing tonight, sing as if I'm near.
Free your soul, and let your notes ring clear.
If you dance tonight, dance like it's only you and me,
which is where I want to be,
but until my work is done I cannot leave.

Our stars will shine, the way they always do.
May they give comfort, until I come to you.
The moon will shine, shine down like a spotlight on our stage
where our finest love gets made,
but I cannot be until I've earned my wage.

Will you wait, until tomorrow
will you waint, another day?
If I'm late, will you still have me,
if I'm late, will you still stay?

I'll toil tonight, with you so far away.
I've bread to win, I've bills I need to pay.
You'll fill my dreams tonight
for all day long I've thought of you
and our love so real and true,
but I cannot leave until this work is through.

I will wait until tomorrow.
I will wait for you another day.
If I'm late I pray that you'll still have me.
If I'm late, I pray that you'll have stayed.