1. Lazy Days

Music/lyrics: E. Thrasher

Vocals/guitar: E. Thrasher
Bass: L. Westbrook
Drums: B. Goodfellow



Oh how I've longed for lazy days,
and how I've hoped for golden rays,
to shine through.

And how I thought I'd like to find-
just around the corner,
that someone who's been lingering in my mind.

But I won't call on you,
unless you want me to.
'Cause I can't work this all alone.
And I won't assume,
this time I'll know the rules.
With everything I've learned of love
so little am I certain of today-
and rules are always changing, anyway.

Oh how it seems so strange to me:
clouds are sailing overhead,
and yet I know the rain's are gonna leave.
And how I've searched but been denied,
chasing all the leads to all
the places where it seemed you'd likely hide.

But now I won't count on you,
unless you ask me to.
And I won't sell my heart so cheap.
And I have learned
from the good times and the times
when I've been burned:
to never rush
and keep a little something in reserve.

And wait until my best is best deserved.

O la yay, la yah yah... ohh...

Music & lyrics: E. Thrasher

Drums: B. Goodfellow
Bass: L. Westbrook
Guitar: E. Thrasher